There Are No Stupid Questions

But There Are a LOT of Inquisitive Idiots


As you know if you have kept up, I started a test blog to learn how to link social networking to business development. Recently, I have added some developments, as follows:


On the LAFFS blog, I’ve added a section called DEMOTIVATORS, inspired by


You’ve seen beautiful photographs coupled with utterly ridiculous versions of impossible notions and platitudinous psychobabble; they’re ubiquitous in today’s corporate ivory towers… DEMOVITATORS turns that nonsense on its ear while elevating insensitivity to its logical conclusion. 


If you’re a hypersensitive ninny, you’ll need to thicken your skin to enjoy these pearls of real wisdom from our friends at


I have also added a new business and general interest blog,

It has now and will be expanded to include business as well as personal interest topics inserted as categories.


Click to the blogs to enjoy this experimental; slice of life,


Jeff Nix













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