Memories of Etchasketchistan

When I was a but a yute, whilst traveling the world during my dad’s stint with the international zig zag attachment association,  (IZZA)  we lived for a short while in small country of Etchasketchistan. It was there I discovered the unparallel wonders and unending joys of the dual knob wonder called the Dial O writer. Eventually, the toy gained world wide acclaim and the local government changed the toy’s name to Etch-a-Sketch.


From that memorable time spent with the amazing time consuming and not-so-educational mechanical inscription device until now I have been fascinated with the toy. In what will very likely be the crowning event of my professional career I am currently on track to become the President of the International Etch-a-Sketch Association in 2018


For your own Etch-a-Sketch skip through memory lane, you can play around with a new electronic but 63% realistic version at this link: 



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