Absurd New Razor

From the Ridiculous new items, intended to separate you from your greenbacks department…

We have the amazing Rolling Razor.


Ok, here are the world changing claims:

Rolling Razor, Changing Shaving Forever!

The most advanced shaving technology in over a century. The multi-directional Rolling Razor for men was engineered to intuitively apply the perfect amount of pressure to the area being shaved. A man can effectively shave his face, neck and head without painful scraping and irritation. Completely customize your shave and be sure to find the Rolling Razor model that best fits your personality.

  • Designed for ultra precision and control
  • Easy to use. Flows with your natural motion
  • Faster Shave by using dual heads
  • Non-Slip Rubber Grip helps prevent slipping
  • 3 long lasting precision blades on each convex cartridge
  • Stylish look with a bonus designer base
  • Easy cartridge replacement
  • Travel with comfort by using the safety guard (included)

Price : $14.95     I’ll take two, HERE

My prediction:  One year shelf life, then QVC, then 1.99 at the BIG LOTS

Ok it has a great site, nice photos, good overall idea but the product.. Well, I “found” it on or about 5/15/09… Check back in a year and see if it is still as amazing as they claim.


If possible, The world domination bunny would give this two thumbs down!

PS, They make em for chicks too!



One response to “Absurd New Razor

  1. Pamela Lawless

    I actually don’t mind paying for that amount of money if the razor is of good quality and works well – and this one does work well. For about three months now, I’ve been using the Silver Streak (even though it’s for guy – I like the color) and I have no complain. They even give you free shipping. My only gripe is that they should have darker color like black and silver for girls too.

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