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 Laffs at Life is a test blog.. (see business blog link here) a test meaning that it is a trial run for our business blending with new marketing by means of  available social networking tools. 

It’s also my answer to the utter uselessness of facebook.. This light hearted BLOG gives my * near worthless* facebook account some real purpose… all while testing some ideas we’ll use down the road.

The laffs at Life blog contains information, images, text, and other stuff provided for your enjoyment. Most all graphics, links, logos, net gallery photos, and other mentions used in this blog were obtained from somebody else’s site on the grand public domain we call the internet.

I didn’t ask permission from anyone to re-purpose their work but I’d hope they’d be flattered by the use of their fine materials. I suppose there is an extremely small, but nonzero chance that somebody I borrowed from may discover their stuff here. Maybe they’ll be flattered and like what I’ve done with it. If so, that would be a happy coincidence because I am pleased with the result!     

Just to be safe, I’ve added somebody’s universal disclaimer that should quell the angst of the copyright police.  I’ve seen other disclaimers but I can say without hyperbole that this is a million times better than all of them put together! 

Also. Join me on our business and special interest blog. It has many different categories covering a wide variety of topics that you may find useful or interesting. See it HERE 

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 Welcome and Enjoy!  

 Jeff Nix   jeffnix@gmail.com



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