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What has Amy Winehouse done now! (?)

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Welcome to Laffs at Life – where everyone is a friend – See New Entries Below This Sticky Post

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Laffs at Life doubles as a test blog and my answer for the near-uselessness of Facebook.         Sticky Post – NEW stuff below

People said, “are you on facebook” and until Jan of 2009 I had NO idea what that even meant. Then came the business blog task, a facebook account and a logical next step…this practice blog was born. 

So how does Facebook *Really* make you feel?  I mean really… I’m 40 (something) and I don’t quite get it… admittedly it is a GREAT procrastination tool – and it’s interesting to see what my actual friends are up to (sometimes) but do I really care about knowing that one of my “friends” is making adjustments to the zig zag attachment on their sewing machine?  


While I do see a practical application for exploring the aspects for cross pollinating with business interests, for the most part, Facebook is just goofy. This inclines me to then elaborate on the goofiness quotient by elevating this aspect to its logical highest potential.   


Since I’m kinda lost on the real values of FB, I have now converted my FB profile into an occasional, if not daily posting place for my personal brand of off beat humor. So there.. that’s my grand purpose for FB… Enjoy!


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